Get Inspired from 10 Wedding Invitation Styles for Second Marriage

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Some remarriage couples prefer to keep their wedding invitations as simple as possible, others decide to get more creative than their first marriage. There are so many directions you can choose to take with your invitation. If you don’t know which style to go with, jump on the Internet and research what’s out there.


This is the most common style we’ve seen, its beautiful wood details and acanthus leaves, palm leaves and olive leaves decoration with subtle handwriting font could always capture your heart. And the beauty of simplicity shows your elegant taste. No doubt that the rustic charm of the interior, once again, sucked you in.

RUSTIC wedding invitation RUSTIC wedding invitation RUSTIC wedding invitation


When it comes to beach, there always are green and blue, surf and spray, sands and shells, sunshine and cool-wind. So as a fine beach wedding invitation, it should contain these elements. That just is going to be heart-stopping once you see it.

BEACH weddinginvitation BEACH wedding invitation BEACH wedding invitation


Another popular wedding invitation style is turning the clock back to 1940s and 50s for a vintage feel. Darkish hues, always evokes romantic and nostalgic feelings, just like a silent film in black and white. And some of them are made of parchment. If you are a vintage lover, it is definitely your type. 

VINTAGE wedding invitation VINTAGE weddinginvitation VINTAGE wedding invitation


If you are trying to make a simple wedding or you are a minimalist. You must take a look at it, modern style. No color, no decoration, no picture, only numbers and letters. As we know, the concept of minimalism is to strip everything down to its essential quality and achieve simplicity, by using white elements, cold lighting, large space with minimum objects. Just like second marriage, No love with vigor and vitality, also can let a person feel at peace love. This is my favorite, what do you see?

MODERN wedding invitation MODERN wedding invitation MODERN wedding invitation


Flower always plays an important role in wedding ceremony, and a wedding would just not be the same without flowers. Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable and her choice of flowers or arrangements should reflect your specific taste and personality. In addition, the wedding invitation style could make a match with the flower you used on wedding ceremony. However feel free to use the flower you love, it can’t be more beautiful than these lovely flowers.

FLORAL wedding invitation FLORAL wedding invitation FLORAL wedding invitation


Actually, watercolor style is a special kind of modern style with some obscure translucent color block. But magic chemical reaction just occurs when minimalism meets color. To your surprise, watercolor style is very easy to make with you own hands(DIY). This cool style will make your wedding cards unique and fun. You can choose a youthful looks with streaks and blots or an elegant gentle look.

WATERCOLOR wedding invitation WATERCOLOR wedding invitation WATERCOLOR wedding invitation


Like beach style, the choosing of your invitation style depends on your wedding venue. And it is a good way to tell you friends and relatives the theme of your wedding. Outdoor style suits the new couples who hold their wedding at garden. The color green and pictures of trees and grass are essential. 

OUTDOOR wedding invitationOUTDOOR wedding invitation OUTDOOR wedding invitation


Lace style usually means making a lace cover or package out of your invitation.Lace style designs luxury, sumptuousness, elegant with carving complex extraordinary temperament. Of course, you get what you is pay for; the price of lace style might be a little bit expensive. However if you want a luxury style wedding, lace invitation is still your first choice.

LACE wedding invitation LACE wedding invitation LACE wedding invitation


So many love movies are on screen, which tells romantic and moving stories. If both of you are cinephile, make a movie invitation. And imagine that, you and your wife/husband could be the leading actors. Isn’t it great? Let’s go kill some zombies.

MOVIE wedding invitationMOVIE wedding invitation  MOVIE wedding invitation


Smart is the new sexy. Being geek isn’t a shame nowadays. Do not palter because it is a second wedding. I believe we can also be creative even if we are not younger any more. While it is just right that your invitations adhere to your theme and reflect your personalities as a couple, it wouldn’t hurt to inject a little fun and creativity into it. Open your heart, and enjoy your day. Make it special. Make it memorable, and you won’t be regret. 

WEIRD/NERDY wedding invitation WEIRD/NERDY wedding invitation WEIRD/NERDY wedding invitation