Your Dream Dress Solution!

We’re ready for challenge

In one word, GemGrace is a solution for those who want to buy delicate gowns with affordable prices, a solution for those who have unique ideas about their gowns.

Share us your idea now!

As you know, GemGrace is now accepting custom dresses to any unique ideas. Many brides are interest in this special service. But how does it work? Will it really work for you too?

Let me explain this custom-made service by showing some of our real works today! I’m sure you will like it after knowing more about how you can use it. You can try our custom solution when you have these three ideas like below.

A: Like one of our dresses, but need to change a bit of the former design or color.

This is the most popular use of our custom solution. If you don’t like the strap, material, color, length… any, you can try this. But you must refer to our color chart if you want to have a different color.

B: Design your own dress, but only have a draft and want to make it real.

This is difficult for both of us. We need to have more chats before making your dress. If you like the Cinderella’s wedding gown, a cartoon photo is enough for us.

C: In love with one dress elsewhere, but it is too expensive for your budget.

We can make it real in a much lower price. What’s more, we’re professional on it. Designer gowns are stunning with unique designs and exquisite details. We can’t promise it will look exactly the same as the original design, but we will save you a lot and the final dress will be gorgeous too. A top design dress sold at $2000 would only cost you $300 at Name brand products are mainly selling designs and overall image, that’s why the price gap is huge, but the quality would be really close. Unless you want to make a dress that cost above $10000, then I’m afraid we can’t make it, as the materials must be so unique and rare.

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