Top 24 Wedding Dress Styles for Petite Bride-to-be

Top 24 Wedding Dress Styles for Petite Bride-to-be

It can be a challenge for brides to find the dress that plays up their figure, especially for the petite brides who are short in stature and narrow at the waist. How to choose a wedding dress that won’t make you look smaller is vital. Choosing the right wedding gown and creating illusions of a long torso can make you look taller with you dress. Wedding dress with sheath silhouette, empire waistline, or sleeveless design works well for petite body types. You are better avoiding wearing huge puffy gowns or it will look like the dress wears you. What’s more, you should keep everything simple and stay far away from too many embellishments like dazzling beading, sequins and ruffles. Just don’t over styling! Here we got some wedding dress ideas for petite brides-to-be for their special day, read on!

1. Sheath/column wedding dress

Sheath wedding gowns are best for short brides. These dresses flatter the bride’s body perfectly. Sheath dresses that are made from chiffon, lace, silk are especially a darling of many brides who want to accentuate their figure. Let the fabric outlines your body naturally, it will give the illusion of a longer body and a taller you! The slim, close-fitting shape clings to the body thus creating a clean, continuous line. Also sheath dress is lightweight which make it perfect for destination wedding. This is the most popular style for petite brides, view pinterest or search it for more ideas can be really helpful when choosing your gown.

2. Wedding dress with less details

When it comes to detailing, don't overdo it! Keep the beading and embroidery to a minimum. Simple designs without too much beads, sequins, ruffles or floral appliques look better on the petite bride. As too much details used may make the gown look too intricate, you will look shorter and your guest may find it hard to find you. You can consider choosing a dress with nice details at neckline and waist. The details at the neckline help to bring the eyes up and make people pay less attention to your height.

3. Sleeveless wedding dress

Sleeveless wedding dress can also look good on petite bride. It’s simply stunning and beautiful. It show off shoulders and arms will also show more of you and less fabric. Dresses that are sleeveless having a v-neckline, sweetheart neckline, halter straps, spaghetti straps works great for the petite figure bride. They will make you look taller and slimmer.

4. Simple A-line wedding dress

Ball-gown is the dress petite bride should avoid. It's so huge that make you look like the dress wears you. But if you really want to go for a “princess” feel, opt for an A-line. Choose an A-line gown that designed with a waistline just above your natural one. This will make the lower part of the dress appear longer at the same time make you look taller and elegant. Remember to avoid wearing A-line dresses with a lot of ruffles, frills and big bows.

5. Sweep train wedding dress

There is a no-no for short bride to wear a wedding dress with long train. It will make you look smaller like wearing an overused wedding dress, and may drag you down at the wedding. A sweep train can also help you make a dramatic entrance without dragging you down if you can’t accept the bridal gowns just in floor length with no trains.

6. Mermaid wedding gowns

Why mermaid styles dress suitable for small bride? It’s because the dress draws attention to the curves of the bride rather than their height. Mermaid dress is perfect to increase the illusion of curves and eliminates the illusion of the length that will make you look shorter. This dress is slim and figure flattering creating a clean and lengthened look. While the baggy ones will make you look fat and short. If you are a petite bride with hourglass body shape, you got to try mermaid gown.

7. Short Wedding Dress

Short gowns like cute mini dress, elegant knee-length dress, vintage tea-length dress or chic high-low dress are suitable for small women because not only will it create an illusion of height, but it also showcases the lovely legs of the wearer. No matter how simple or intricate the dress will look and you’ll look perfect all over. Here are our popular posts for short gowns, Top 45 Tea-length Wedding Dress with Color on Pinterest and 20 of the Most Stunning Brides Who Rock Short Wedding Dress.

8. Empire Wedding Dress

A wedding gown with an empire waist is also another good option for petite bride. Not like the drop waist dress will make you look shorter, empire waistline helps to lengthen a petite frame and makes you look tall and beautiful. In addition to a high waistline, choosing a long dress with flowing skirt which allows for movement as you walk down the aisle or hit the dance floor, you are perhaps doing the best thing to look flawless at your wedding. If you are a pregnant bride, the styles listed in "19 of the Most Gorgeous Wedding Dress for Maternity Brides" would be nice for you.


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