Quickest Simplest but Funniest Craziest Wedding in West Coast ——Destination Wedding Planning

Quickest Simplest but Funniest Craziest Wedding in West Coast ——Destination Wedding Planning

Young land, young nation, young city--because you want your wedding being as simple as possible, you trade formality and complex for free and passion, thus, all these madness just makes sense and becomes natural.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of East Coast, driving all the way down the west coast using US-101, CA-1 and US-66, we can enjoy the seashore scenery and warm sunshine. Just like an elopement for crazy in love.

Everyday around wedding is revelry. And you can sleep till whenever you like, watch the hottest performance, play the wildest game, eat the most popular cuisine and experience endless shopping. If you think you are a uninhibited and wide-open people, you can hold a quickest wedding ceremony in the world, and it only take you 25 minutes. In a word, you will start your new life with passion and happiness.

Craziest Game

Los Angeles has the most abundant resource of entertainment, and Hollywood, the most famous movie “factory”, is also located here. For almost a century, Big Eight Film Studios were found here building thousands of golden age for movie stars, which make it another birthplace of the American Dream. The Walk of Fame, dazzling CG effect, intoxicated roman story, because of all these amazing things here, Hollywood always is a never-never land which filmmakers always yearn for. Though live performance was born in the east coast, the west coast has golden shine and a lot of movie theme park which is as good as Broadway.

Right here, you could experience the thrill of taking a train through the King Kong’s forest, car chase in The Fast and the Furious, travel around the pyramid on roller coaster in The Mummy Returns, have a picnic surrounded by zombies and take pictures with Hulk and Spiderman. If you are lucky enough, you may get wedding blessings to pray over your marriage from a movie star who is passing by.

Finest Cuisine

It is generally accepted that San-Francisco is home for gourmet when it comes to food in America. It has the most of the chefs who like to break traditional rules to make creative and delicious food. And please don’t be intimidated by fancy words you cannot pronounce seen on restaurant menus, it’s the One of the most salient features of this foodie town. There are two special dishes you cannot miss; one is Dungeness crab, another is California bread. And two most famous places you can enjoy your food, one is Chinatown, another is Little Italy. Local customs and practices provide a good environment for Michelin Restaurant to grow. Only in Bay Area, there are more than 40 Michelin Restaurant.


Saison: (178 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107), two Michelin stars restaurant, was appraised as one of The Ten best restaurant in The United State and ranked second for its modern American flavor. The price of dishes isn’t inconstant, so is the number of the course. Chef's Recommendation: Garden radishes (pigs’ ears, mint, radishes, honey), Sweet fish and wild greens(wild sorrel, spinach, sylvetta, and purslane paired with the gently fried sweet fish)

Atelier Crenn: ( 3127 Fillmore StSan Francisco, CA 94123), two Michelin stars French restaurant. The dishes here change with season, and feast your eyes. It is worth mentioning that the chef, Dominique Crenn, is the archetype of the heroine in Disney movie, Ratatouille. These eye-pleasing creations prove that the kitchen leaders in these restaurants aren't just top chefs; they're also amazing artists.

Never-Ending Shopping

The most famous shopping center in San Francisco is Union Square and a few blocks around it. The store from all over the world here will be found here, big shopping mall Like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus or store like Emporio Armani, Tiffany & Co. North Beach, Union St., Hayes Valley, Haight-Ashbury and other shopping mall are also a good choice. If you want to buy some souvenir, you might go to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art(151 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103) and California Academy of Sciences( 55 Music Concourse Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118). If you want to see the most famous fashion clothing store, you might go to Rodeo Drive which is known for its luxury-goods stores. Every store has its own architecture style and is just like a unique landscape.

Simplest Wedding

Step1:Clark County Marriage License Bureau in Las Vegas is a local civil administration department, and also, a place where you can submit information about you wedding and pay the service charge, then obtain a Marriage Record. The department is located in the center of Las Vegas, and open from 08:00 a.m. to 00:00 a.m., which is matched with the business hours of casino. After you filling out the forms, staff will give you a Marriage Record and some information which need the signature of priest. Then all you need to do is to find a church.

Addres: 201 Clark Avenue. Las Vegas      

Fee: $60

Step2: The marriage would be recognized by law and the church only if priest had performed the wedding ceremony and send the relevant file to civil administration department which was signed by priest. Actually the church is everywhere in Las Vegas, and it only costs you tens of dollars to hold one. And Graceland Wedding Chapel is the one of the most popular family traditional wedding chapel for decades. The price of wedding package starts at $199 including marriage witness, flowers and wedding album, and you can choose video shooting, photographing, wedding dress, hotel, wedding banquet and helicopter service as extra service(need service fee)

Address: 619 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Website: www.gracelandchapel.com

Relevant web sites: www.vegas.com/weddings

Tips:In Las Vegas, It is 7:30 at night various clubs and shows would come would to life. After checking the time schedule of the shows you like, then you can stroll along the boulevard and watch the shows one by one by the street for whole night. Some coupon will be provided at the bar of clubs. Take all the printable coupons for admission ticket, shopping, dinner and shows before you leave your hotel, which saves loads of money.

Funniest Tour

After leaving LA, driving all the way south, you will arrive at the California naval-port city by the Pacific Ocean, San Diego. Then going through Mexico/USA border revolving door, you will see a beautiful border city, Tijuana. Through the window, if you are coming from Tijuana through the Scenic Road, the route will be a total spectacle you’ll be able to witness coastal cliffs and series of soft ridges plunge one by one at the sight on the blue sea. 

It is a free city, a colorful city and also, a city of depravity; illegal immigrants, rum, prostitution, gang war is always the abiding icons of hers. Although this city is still struggling with her poverty and undevelopment, but most of the Mexican folks who are humble, honest and hospitable still lives this beloved place where they were raised. That’s the reason why we choose here as the last station of our long wedding journey. You can experience the most authentic, original Mexican traditional culture.

On weekend, a lot of American will come to Red Light District to have some fun with liquor and enjoy cheap but delicious Mexican traditional foodlike Red Light District 24 Hour Street Tacos, at the corner of Calle Coahuila and Ninos Heroes, right across the street from La Perla. Most popular street tacos in Zona Norte, busy with customers at all hours of the night.

Walking through the Red Light District, passing by some little gorgeous multi-color house, you will find the road is becoming wider and wider, then a little church(San Ysidro Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church) will come into views. You will see everyone in church praying piously and calmly. And they just use a more simple way to express a truth about life and transport us to another reality.

Near the gate of church, there are some Mexican young men are selling barbeque. When you were tasting the Mexican flavor, at the same time, you would hear the Latin American music, La Bamba, with guitar and accordion, “Para bailar la bamba, Para bailar la bamba, Se necesita una poca de gracia,Una poca de gracia pa mi pa ti”. Speaking of music,doubly true if you're a hipster, El Tinieblo, Moustache Bar, and La Mezcalera are all great options. La Mezcalera has fifteen or more styles of mezcal, most of it flavored with fruits like passionfruit or stuff like caramel, which is really good on the rocks.


In Tijuana, you need to pay more attention on your safety. thefts and robberies often happen there. Don't drink in the street. Don't ask strangers where you can score some blow. Don't buy pills you don't need at pharmacies. Don't pee in the street. Sorry to kill your whole trip itinerary, but this is how you'll get yourself into trouble.

The Seaside of Tijuana is the last place you want to go, which is full of smelly household garbage.