Free Fabric Swatches for Bridesmaid Dresses

Free Fabric Swatches for Dresses

Color theme is very important for a wedding. If you're planning to buy wedding dress, bridesmaid dress or other formal gown online, then a color swatch is the first item you should get. You can make sure the color difference is acceptable before ordering your dress. Color difference happens easily when you're shopping online. In a wedding, there are many bridesmaids. They will all wear bridesmai dress in same color, but styles can be different. If one of them is wearing one dress which is not the same with others, like she is wearing royal blue and the others are navy, and that is no acceptable.

GemGrace know this is very important for our customers. You can view more about our color swatches and choose the colors you want. Good news is that you will have great chance to get your fabric swatches for free now!

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100% Free Color Swatches, Only at GemGrace.

There are not so many free color swatches online, if you have searched for fabric swatches recently. Prices are different on different platforms. Like several big websites, they sell the swatches with price from 2-10 dollars and without free shipping. It means that you should pay to get these fabric swatches. But at, we think that a color comparison before ordering custom-made dresses is a must-to-do thing, especially if you are shopping online. We treat our customers as friends, and we will always provide our color swatches for free. It is real free, also with free shipping.

How to use your color swatches?

If you have decided a theme for your wedding, then pick your color swatches by your theme. Like you are going to wearing blue in the wedding, then you must figure out some popular blue first. Go to large wedding platforms like: the knot, stylemepretty, navigate to the dress category. You will easily learn popular blue color names like: navy, dark navy, royal blue, baby blue, ocean blue and so on. Now you get a list, and with this list, you can pick your color swatches. At, you can choose one color in three fabrics or choose three colors in one fabric right now. In this situation, you’d better pick three colors in one fabric. After you submitted our free swatches form, an email with confirmation will be sent to you. We will ship it out within 3 days. If you have any ideas about this free color swatch, simply email or contact us via instagram @igemgrace are welcome.

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