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GemGrace is a character who can present us and what services we will provide. We want to provide the best custom-made service for our brides, so we came up the word “Gem”. Gem means gemstone, stones with grade A quality and standards. After gem is our Grace, a lady who loves wedding dress design, she isn’t the top but she is willing and trying to be the best in the formal dress industry. Grace will always be there if you need advice about your dream dress.

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Why GemGrace is online?

Wedding is the most important event in one’s life. We all want a perfect wedding, and the wedding dress will walk the bride through this very moment. Choosing the bridal dress isn’t easy, although most of our brides had done research at least one year before their weddings. Finally you found the dress, but the size doesn’t quite fit, or you don’t like the straps, then you will need to alternate it. This will increase your budget and plus several months waiting. We all have a budget for the wedding, if you spend too much on the dress, and then the other things will be affected. That’s why we’re online. We will provide you one to one custom-made service with competitive price. It doesn’t need extra fees if you want to alternate the strap, length, color or any other unique ideas.

GemGrace is a solution for those who want to buy delicate gowns with affordable prices, a solution for those who have unique ideas about their gowns. Not like many other websites selling really cheap wedding dresses online, our standards are much higher and with the most competitive prices. As long as you learn more online, then you will know clearly about the differences between ours and those cheapest ones.

More about our team

Our company was started in 2010, we’re a young team with creativity and passion. We’re a studio focus on designing and tailoring of women’s formal dresses. Our products are mainly sailed to Europe, Asia, North American, etc. We have plentiful management experiences and specialized dress designers. With our extensive collection of wedding gowns, from simple, clean lines to elaborately, luxuriously hand-beaded, there's sure to be a gown that would perfect for the most important day of every bride!

We know it clearly that we’re doing something important for our brides. The wedding gown is the most important dress for the bride. If the dress is just ok for what it costs, then we’re not good enough. We will try our best to provide best gowns, as long as our great services. The truth is that we always feel nervous after the dress was shipped although we thought it had been beautifully made, because we want much more, we want you to be surprised by what we had done and thrilled with your dress.

Location: Qingchenghui Wedding Plaza, No.13 Jiangnanzhong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (not return address).

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