What’s the Meaning of Red, Blue, Green or Pink in Colored Wedding Dresses?

What’s the Meaning of Red, Blue, Green or Pink in Colored Wedding Dresses?

What color to choose for your wedding dress? At present, the color of wedding dress is not limited to white. Although there are a lot of changes, the fundamental meaning of wedding color will not be changed. We should learn well about the meanings of different colors of the wedding dresses.


white wedding dress

White wedding dress was the most popular in the period of Victoria. The queens liked to wear white bridal dress. From then on, people began to prefer to white wedding gowns. As we all know, white color represents purity and loyalty, which were both needed in the marriage. The couples should be perseverance, loyalty and firm, thus to ensure the continuance of love. So, white bridal gowns have always been the first choice when people get married.


red wedding dress

The first impression of red wedding dress will be warm and stimulating. Wearing red color will be very easy to heighten the joyous atmosphere of the wedding, making everyone appear to be full of passion and vitality. In western, red is the symbol of courage while in the eastern, red color represents the optimistic and festive. So, red wedding dresses are really easy to go with all wedding themes. For more inspiration, view red wedding dress ideas on pinterest.


blue wedding dress

In most people's eyes, blue wedding dress may some how stand for depression. It is not the case. Blue color itself is the representative of quiet, secluded and faithful. What’s more, blue gives people a wide long-term meaning, just like the sea, to let a person forget all the troubles and face all difficulties with an open mind. So, wearing blue wedding dress on the big day will not only make the bride be brightness, but also lay the foundation for open and steady life after the wedding. Royal blue is the most popular shade in blue color, view more ideas form pin now.


green wedding dress

Green wedding dresses give people safe, quiet and comfortable feeling. Green color is always understood as the symbol of life and nature. It sends out refreshing feeling. Wedding dresses with mainly green color greatly shows these characteristics. Wearing green wedding dress will immediately make you full of vitality and remain free, as if to gallop in nature. There is no limit of joy!


pink wedding dress

In addition to cute, pink wedding dresses also gives delicate, youthful and bright feeling. Pink is not only the children's love, young people also tend to pink. They think pink can make people feel young and forget everything, just like a return to childhood. Therefore, pink wedding dress is preferred to be a combination of childhood and grow-up, making one maintain a childlike innocence while growing up at the same time. That’s really wonderful.

Colored wedding gowns are most popular for a second wedding. If you don't want a traditional white gown then any color you like would be available too. But before choosing your dress, a wedding theme must be considered also. Asking help from professionals or view wedding blog for some real weddings of different color themes are great for your planning.